How it Feels to be Away From Home

Traveling to Spain and France without my family, to visiting my aunt and uncle in Myrtle Beach alone, to now spending five weeks away from the people I love the most, doing what I love the most. 5 weeks dancing with University of North Carolina Comprehensive Dance Intensive is a lot of fun, but extremely challenging. 

Throughout the first two weeks I have had a lot of fun and stayed injury free for the most part. Dancing 10-13 hours a day I am very busy and enjoy what I am doing though every movement. 

The mornings and evenings get a little hard when you are used to being with your family all of the time. Missing my parents, grandparents, brother, and of course the family pets it gets a little lonely at times. 

I am so grateful to be able to have this opportunity and it is teaching me many things in life. I will forever thank my family for all the work they put into making these opportunities possible.

Summer 2016

I have come to the conclusion of my junior year of high school. I have completed three performances throughout the school year that have now brought me to what I have been most excited for. Last December I performed in the Nutcracker, early this spring I preformed in Cinderella, and just this past weekend I performed in my studios annual recital. Through these past months I took classes in New York City and went to many auditions for different summer intensives to take part in during my summer of 2016. In a little over two weeks I will be leaving for University of North Carolina School of Arts Comprehensive Dance Intensive. Many HS students would think of summer as the time to hang out with there friends and have fun, but dance is my passion. Having a good summer from my point of view is the idea of dancing the majority of the time. I will be spending 5 weeks in North Carolina dancing for many hours each day, building my technique in the art I love. I am very enthused to be expanding my horizons in the art of dance. Besides the dancing, I am excited to meet new people and live a life in a different city. When returning from UNCSA I will continue my dance education at my local dance studio preparing for my college auditions beginning in September. I am very privileged to be going away for the majority of my summer to do what I love. I am very excited to see what the future will bring.

Uncoordinated to Finding Balance

Through the process of auditioning that still seems to never diminish, I have decided to attend University of North Carolina School of Arts Summer Dance Intensive this summer. As a young girl I never expected to even get as far as I have. I have a long way to go, but this is a start. Over the years dance has grown to be my greatest love. Dancing at MPAC, my dance teachers helped me immensely to improve the skills I need to help me accomplish the goals I have set for myself. Dance is one of the only things that has the aptitude to make me content. I took a break from dance in the past and my dance teacher told me, “I would be back”. She has never been more right because I could never live without dance. Dance has helped me through the hard times and stayed with me through the good. Hours a week dedicated to dance, a healthy diet, a focused mind, and many aches/pains never fail to make me smile. With the help of my mentors, family, and friends I have accomplished one of my many goals. I hope to major in dance at the collegiate level and add business into my studies. From a young girl that appeared to be uncoordinated to a teen with potential, I hope to fulfill my goals in the profession of dance.

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