Final Stretch

Many people look at walking away from uncomfortable situations as giving up.

At times, us as normal human beings, we often need to leave situations to refocus ourselves and build ourselves back up. If we are going through a hard time in our lives and we need an escape it is okay to leave.

About 8 months ago I chose to walk away from something I truly loved. I am the type of girl who enjoys going to school everyday and learning. I love to socialize with people and learn new things. There came a time where I knew I needed to leave the environment of public school to learn who I was and refocus my life on what truly mattered. Although I felt like I was just giving up, I needed to do it for myself.

A lot of the days home I chose to be alone because I felt that is what would benefit me the most in the end. I chose to audition for many summer camps so that I would be able to get away and spend a few weeks doing what I love. My mom then allowed me to get a puppy because that was all I wanted to make me happy. We brought in this sweet puppy that did not only lift me up, but my entire family.

A few months went by and it was time for me to go away to UNCSA for 5 weeks. These five weeks helped me to realize how okay I was and that I was able to deal with social situations perfectly fine. Although the camp was physically and mentally demanding, I came back feeling stronger than ever. I came back wanting to go back to public school because I feel I am ready. I felt like I needed to finish what I started. I had a need to go to my last first day of school at the school I’ve been going to since I was 5.

Our parents did not have the luxury of being able to do cyber school when times were rough. I had the luxury of not only being cyber schooled but being able to travel and have the time of my life these past 8 months.

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Many of us go through this period in our life where things are very difficult and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to leave a rocky environment, and then go away to refocus my life on what I truly love. I can not believe I chose to go back to this place that I thought I would never step foot into again, but things change. We never stop growing and we never stop learning.

This is the final stretch of my life before I go on to completely focusing on my career and I could not be more excited for all that it has to bring.

Girls Need to Support Girls

Many of us sit in bed at night wishing we had a partner in crime,

another women to stand by our side.

Many of us look at other women wishing they would be our friend,

not realizing our greatest friend is the women who raised us.

Behind each and every one of us is a tribe. A tribe of other women who have our back.

Walking through life day by day, we come across our friends, our mothers, our grandmothers, and other important women in our life. These women often are our mentors who guide us on where to look in life, but they let us see as we wish.

Some people look at many other women as competition in today’s society. Stepping back and viewing other women as allies rather than opponents can change an individuals journey through life.

We often underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Building one another up, we learn to live in unison.

Coming together as a whole to grow, we form a community of women.


How it Feels to be Away From Home

Traveling to Spain and France without my family, to visiting my aunt and uncle in Myrtle Beach alone, to now spending five weeks away from the people I love the most, doing what I love the most. 5 weeks dancing with University of North Carolina Comprehensive Dance Intensive is a lot of fun, but extremely challenging. 

Throughout the first two weeks I have had a lot of fun and stayed injury free for the most part. Dancing 10-13 hours a day I am very busy and enjoy what I am doing though every movement. 

The mornings and evenings get a little hard when you are used to being with your family all of the time. Missing my parents, grandparents, brother, and of course the family pets it gets a little lonely at times. 

I am so grateful to be able to have this opportunity and it is teaching me many things in life. I will forever thank my family for all the work they put into making these opportunities possible.