No two people live life in the same way as the person next to them. How are you going to judge someone when it is not your life?

I overanalyze every situation I am put into. I think of every way I can respond if something is said to me. All for one reason, I am scared as to what will happen if I am not prepared for something.

I walk into a public setting and see the people that make me feel uncomfortable. My entire body gets shaky and then my legs feel numb. I have no reason to be worried, but my mind can not help but think about what may happen.

I sit at home alone and hear a faint voice inside my head as I go along with my day. Telling me to not do something or to stop thinking about the same thing I have been pondering for the past 6 months.

Everyday, the stress would weigh me down making me feel like I would never be okay. I hated being the girl with health issues in fear that everyone around me would judge.

Through a lot of work in a way that is not the easiest to explain I overcame the struggles in my life that most people could never understand.

Learning to live in the present rather than the past was the most difficult thing to learn how to do. People are still gonna talk and say what they want but it is learning to figure out how to not let it bother me and I overcame that battle.

Life is never going to be an easy walk in the park, but you live and you learn and the thoughts in your head that kill you become muted.

Having a Positive Outlook

Many of us look at our days with such negativity. We wake up and say to ourselves “oh it’s just another day” or “here we go again” and these phrases are so pessimistic. Instead of being so negative we should think positively. Having a positive outlook on your life can do a lot for your mood.

If we were one of the whos from whoville we would have a different view on negative circumstances. When the Grinch came down and stole all of the presents, they did not let them ruin Christmas for them. Instead, on Christmas morning the whos came and sang. Although negative things happen in life it is very healthy to view it from a different angle and turn it into a positive.

How many of you wake up each morning counting down the days till Friday? Going to school or work just to talk about the party this weekend or how you can not wait to be home and isolate yourself from society. The best of us feel this way but we don’t have to. Many of us forget to live in the moment and are too busy worrying about the future than enjoying the current day. Wake up and smile because it’s another day to live and another day to accomplish the objectives we set for ourselves. Enjoy the day, put your phone down, and talk to your family. Your family will care about how you feel more than the people of twitter will.

No one can make you see your life in a different way but it all starts with you. You decide whether you’re going to smile today. You decide how to spend your day. Whether you choose to live in the front row, or the the third row make it the best row you would ever dream of.